Topp Dogg’s leader claims their CEO stole $250,000 from the group

Topp Dogg‘s leader has taken the initiative to speak up to their former producer and CEO, Cho PD, about the missing monetary funds from the group’s 8-stop Japanese tour.

On the 15th, Topp Dogg’s leader P-Goon took to his personal Twitter account to demand an explanation from artist and producer, Cho PD, who was the former CEO of the boy group’s agency, Stardom Entertainment, now known as HUNUS Entertainment after the merging of the two agencies.

P-Goon’s plea for truth was in regards to the missing monetary funds worth nearly 300 million Korean Won, approximately $254,453 USD, from their 8-stop Japanese showcase tour.

In his tweet, the leader wrote:

Hello, this is Topp Dogg’s leader, P-Goon.

I would like to demand from our former CEO, Cho PD, the truth behind the whereabouts of the missing funds, worth nearly 300 million KRW, from our 8-stop Japanese showcase tour which was in production alongside Timo Japan, and why those funds were never submitted or recorded into our statement of accounts.

After going over the statement of accounts for all the promotions and activities that Topp Dogg has carried out over the last three years, it was discovered that the earnings from the 8-stop Japanese showcase tour had never been recorded into these statements, despite the tour having already been completed.

I would also like to point out that former CEO Cho PD is concurrently involved in a lawsuit with Topp Dogg’s current agency HUNUS Entertainment over past monetary and account issues and that he no longer has any affiliation with HUNUS Entertainment.
Although P-Goon’s initial tweet has since been removed from his account, representatives from HUNUS Entertainment released a statement to Ilgan Sports saying, “It is true that the statement from the SNS account was written by P-Goon himself,” and that, “At this point, Topp Dogg is officially and wholly signed under HUNUS Entertainment [and has no ties to Cho PD]. We believe this is a personal and emotional issue between P-Goon and Cho PD themselves.

Source: Ilgan Sports