Tottenham Hotspurs’ Son Heung Min Is Swirled Up In Marriage Rumors — Photo Of “Wedding Ring” Resurfaces

“There is something in his personal life that has made him brighter…”

Tottenham Hotspurs‘ world-class winger, Son Heung Min, is swirled up in marriage rumors.

Son Heung Min | Seoul Shinmun

Recently, agent and SBS sports pundit Kim Dong Wan made an appearance on a YouTube show. On this day, the pundit made an interesting comment.

If you compare Son Heung Min’s last 3-4 games, he was the brightest last game. I think there’s something going on.

— Kim Dong Wan

The pundit then pointed at a shirt with the word “Love” written on it and stated, “(The answer) is written on that shirt.”

The pundit then doubled down on his take, stating, “I am not sure what to tell you, but I see a warmth that has refreshed Son Heung Min. I am serious. Son Heung Min has become brighter, and there is a reason for it. This hasn’t happened overnight. Do you think he’s brighter because Antonio Conte (former manager) left? There is something in his personal life that has made him brighter. It’s my speculation.

— Kim Dong Wan

Due to the pundit’s close proximity with players, as well as being an insider of Korean football, many netizens believed him.

Soon after, a picture of Son Heung Min entering Incheon Airport resurfaced in various communities. In the picture, Son Heung Min is seen wearing a Boucheron  wedding band. The picture added to the speculation on whether Son Heung Min would be getting married soon.

Son Heung Min spotted wearing wedding ring | News1

It’s noteworthy to mention that Son Heung Min’s father is infamous for stating that his son would not get married during his playing career and would only marry after he retires.

There is no marriage until he retires.

— Son Woong Jung

Also, in a 2019 interview Son Heung Min agreed with his father, stating that he didn’t want to prioritize anything over football.

My father told me that I couldn’t get married until I retired, and I agreed. If I marry, my family will take first priority, and football will be pushed aside. Football is most important to me, and I want to be the best during my playing career.

— Son Heung Min

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Source: news1 and ajunews
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