A Clip Of An Trainee Being Dropped Before Debuting Is Going Viral — Showcasing The Heartbreaking Reality Of Being An Idol

The group might not be K-Pop, but it is the same reality!

The journey to becoming an idol is one of the toughest, both mentally and physically. While trainees spend years preparing to debut, it isn’t uncommon for many to be dropped from the final lineup in the last moments.

Recently, girl group XG has gained attention after showcasing the heartbreaking reality of what happens when a trainee is dropped just before debuting.

The members of XG | @XGOFFICIAL_/Twitter

While they are Japanese, XG are becoming a huge hit in Korea with their upbeat performances.

Recently, XG has been releasing documentaries about the lead-up to their debut. In the recent episode, netizens’ hearts broke when the oldest member who had been leading the team, Airi, was told she wouldn’t be debuting with the group.


Although Airi was very emotional, she was told to think about how she wanted to share the news with her family.

Airi seemingly took the opportunity to tell her parents herself, and it was heartbreaking as she started speaking to them while her sobs could still be heard.


In particular, rather than her own feelings, she shared her sorrow for not being able to perform in front of her parents who had spent so long supporting her on the journey to debut with XG.


If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the documentary then showed Airi seeing the members after the news was broken, and it was truly emotional as they sat together.

When the video was posted online…


KAMIYA AIRI, YOU ARE AMAZING! I was really sad when they showed that Rei and Hikaru didn’t make it but I was even more devastated when Airi was cut from XG. I’ve watched idol survival shows before and it was always heartbreaking to see your favorites get eliminated. Airi was almost part of XG so this farewell really stings. The seven members of XG showed so much respect for Airi so even if I don’t know her well, this scene broke my heart. I really hope that Airi and all ex trainees will gain strength tk continue and find the path that is really meant for them. #KamiyaAiri #XGALX

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It struck a chord with K-Pop fans who have seen countless trainees get dropped from final lineups so close to their debut. In particular, many appreciated that they showed just how tough it is for trainees in their journey to become an idol.

While XG is Japanese, the situation is something K-Pop fans know all about, with more documentaries and reality shows showcasing the heartbreak that happens when a trainee is dropped from a lineup.

Source: XG