A Trainee From Produce X 101 Revealed To Have Fainted During Filming

He fell and fainted.

According to officials, an unnamed trainee participating in Mnet‘s Produce X 101 that just finished an evaluation stage fell during filming, causing him to faint and hurt his face.

The crew acted quickly and brought the trainee to the clinic with on-site medical staff, and the trainee was brought back to the shoot after being treated.

It seems that there is physical fatigue has increased within the participants. Officials site that the pressure the trainees face this season is much heavier than the previous seasons.

Mnet has stated that one of the trainees fell since he lost his focus and was minorly wounder.

The staff continues to take care of the condition of all the trainees on the program, including the injured trainee. We will take care of the safety during shooting even more in the future.


Source: Daum