Treasure 13’s Haruto Under Fire For Allegedly Dissing Blackpink

People claim he indirectly showed BLACKPINK the middle finger.

Treasure 13’s Haruto is currently under fire after a sasaeng fan hacked into his private Instagram account and leaked a video that had Haruto showing the middle finger.

The video shows the other Treasure 13 members huddled in another corner of the room watching BLACKPINK’s “KILL THIS LOVE” music video. He raises his middle finger up as he videos them.

The caption reads,

It’s my birthday, but my members are watching BLACKPINK.

Many fans were upset with this video as they think he is disrespecting his seniors.

However, many fans are defending Haruto. They claim that Haruto was joking around with his members and did not mean to disrespect BLACKPINK, saying that he is actually a fan of the group. Many fans are also upset because the video was leaked from his private account, which no one but Haruto should have access to.

There has been no official response to the situation from Haruto or YG Entertainment.


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