Fans Notice Something Especially Endearing About TREASURE’s “2022 The Fact Music Awards” Red Carpet Appearance

“The consistency.”

Fans of TREASURE had been eagerly waiting for the 2022 The Fact Music Awards (also known as the FMAs), looking forward to seeing the talented group.

At the FMAs, not only did the group win an incredibly well-deserved award…

Treasure | @iksanpjw/Twitter

But TREASURE also received praise for their exceptional performance at the TMAs.

Along with their immense pride, fans of the group were also very endeared when they realized how little had changed since TREASURE’s appearance at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards (also known as SMA). At the 2021 SMA, TREASURE showed off their playful, chaotic energy.

And at the 2022 FMAs, TREASURE once again showed off their amusing sense of humor, especially on the red carpet.

Although as fans pointed out, TREASURE also made sure to be respectful despite their goofy antics.

Netizens who aren’t yet fans of the group definitely will be after seeing their adorable chaos.

And, of course, current fans were immediately endeared by the group’s enthusiasm.

Especially when they directly compared the group’s red carpet appearance to the one at the 2021 SMA, proving that regardless of time, some things “will never change.”

TREASURE will undoubtedly continue entertaining fans with their endless enthusiasm and immense talent.


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