TREASURE Almost Hurt In Airport Mobbing As Fans Demand Better From YG

Treasure have faced airport mobs multiple times, even before debut.

TREASURE have been caught up in yet another airport mobbing fiasco, and fans are getting tired of it. After several members were almost hurt in yesterday’s frenzy, many are calling on YG Entertainment to do better at protecting the group.

After sold-out shows at KSPO Dome in South Korea and a Japanese hall tour that saw an attendance of 300,000, TREASURE finally kicked off the Asia leg of their HELLO tour this week. The group performed for thousands of fans in Taipei, with roaring applause from the crowd at the National Taiwan Sport University Arena.

| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

While fans did show up to welcome the members when they landed in Taiwan, the scene at Taoyuan International Airport was relatively subdued. The airport even provided staff-driven carts to transport TREASURE safely through the halls.

Unfortunately, the group didn’t receive the same calm reception when they returned to Seoul yesterday — and fans have had enough. In clips from TREASURE’s arrival at Incheon, hundreds of people can be seen crowding around the members, waving their phones around to take photos and videos.

Korean and international netizens alike were shocked to see the footage, with a post about the incident reaching over 85,000 views on popular community site TheQoo in just a few hours.

One Teume remarked that the scenes of fans swarming TREASURE looked akin to a zombie apocalypse.

To make matters worse, those at the airport didn’t stop at just crowding. Many proceeded to push each other for a better view, and several members were soon caught up in the chaos.

Fans online were also disturbed to notice that Yoshi, Doyoung, Hyunsuk, and Jihoon were visibly pushed themselves — a situation that could have easily ended in injury. It was almost impossible for the members to find a clear walkway back to their vehicles.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time TREASURE have almost come to harm at the airport. Back in September last year, swarming fans pushed Doyoung into a door.

Afterward, he was seen clutching his chest.

After seeing footage of yesterday’s events, Teumes also speculated that Hyunsuk and Jihoon appeared stressed by the ordeal. 

For TREASURE, this is sadly only the latest in a long line of airport mobbing incidents. In fact, it’s been happening since before the group event debuted.

Fans have noticed that the problem is particularly frequent in South Korean airports, which seem to have a surprising lack of security considering how many idols pass through them on a weekly basis.

While there were some bodyguards present, they appeared to be struggling to control the crowds. The same happened in September when YG Entertainment staff were seen shouting for help.

After so many scary situations and close calls, many fans say they can’t enjoy airport preview photos from fansites in the same way anymore.

And, with TREASURE’s growing popularity and more concerts to follow soon, Teumes are worried that the problem is only going to get worse — especially if nothing is done to deter those swarming the members at the airport.

With this in mind, fans are once again calling on YG Entertainment to protect TREASURE with more bodyguards and better security at the airport.

TREASURE’s next HELLO tour date at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is less than a week away, meaning the members will soon be back at Incheon Airport. Now, fans can only hope that the company heeds their word before someone gets hurt.