TREASURE’s Asahi Isn’t Afraid Of Anything—Except For Yedam

He’s also scared of Junkyu and Jaehyuk.

Nothing can faze TREASURE‘s Asahi…except for his members! The visual is known for being the “robot” of the group. Compared to the others, he seldom smiles and only talks when he feels like it—which is not often.

TREASURE’s vocalist Asahi | TREASURE/YouTube

He’s the perfect person to enter a haunted house without getting affected, like what happened in TREASURE MAP episode 24. None of the ghosts or bursts of smoke deterred him. No matter how many surprises popped out, his expression never changed!

Though a haunted house can’t affect Asahi, there is one person that can: Yedam. From TREASURE MAP episodes 30 to 31, Yedam was one of the “X Men” whose job was to “kill” any member he could. All he needed to do was rip off the name tags on their backs.

The high tension and pressure was so bad, Asahi couldn’t take it.

Doyoung: TREASURE MAP has never been this scary.

Asahi: I know right! It’s scarier than the horror episode.

He could only run for his life and cower when Yedam targeted him. It didn’t matter if they were teammates, he just needed to get away!

His fear increased when he was just seconds away from being killed off by Junkyu.

At one point, he was so scared from being chased that he hid in a dark room in the basement with just one camera man.

Asahi was able to exact revenge on the X-Men—Yedam, Junkyu, Jaehyuk, and Mashiho—by voting for them at the end of the episode.

He had one concise conclusion when asked about his feelings: “I don’t want to do this ever again”.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube