TREASURE’s Asahi Emotionally Recalled How iKON Inspired Him To Pursue Music

We’re trying not to cry, but… 😭

During the TREASURE 2021 SUMMER CAMP special, the members of TREASURE were sitting around the fire when they were all presented with an amazing gift: a personal letter written to each of them by their parents! When it finally came to Asahi‘s turn, the group was surprised to find that he was already starting to tear up just thinking about what it might say.

But after a quick flip of his hair to help compose himself, Asahi began reading. While he was sharing the contents of the message, Asahi took a deep breath and smiled when he got to a part where his mother brought up the time that the two of them saw iKON on stage together.

On the way back home after the iKON live we went to five years ago, you said, ‘I’ll be a musician!’ and I still remember your face. I was surprised back then but you really got into your dream company and made a debut as TREASURE. I still feel like it’s a dream.

— Asahi’s Mother

The concert definitely left a lasting impact on Asahi, as he has actually brought up that same story in the past. Last year, Asahi went into full detail about his memories from the experience and how watching iKON perform (specifically Bobby!) convinced him to go and audition to be an idol in the first place.

I went to that concert with my mom. I was in the first line of standing. Bobby came right in front of me and waved at me. At that time, I wanted to be on stage like them. That’s how I wanted to become a singer!

— Asahi’s Mother

Asahi has continuously shown his love for iKON multiple times in the past, to the point where all of the members know that he is a diehard iKONIC.

And considering the fact that Asahi can literally receive advice directly from them in person, it’s safe to say that he is one of the most successful iKON fanboys of all time!

What do you think about Asahi’s adorable appreciation for his seniors?