TREASURE’s Asahi Received The Most Adorable Birthday Message From Child K-Drama Actress Oh Eunseo

She even dressed up for it! 🥰

On August 19, TREASURE‘s Asahi celebrated his birthday, with thousands of fans all around the globe wishing him the best. In fact, hashtags in three different languages (English, Korean, and Japanese) began trending worldwide just for the occasion!

Among the many different posts, one special little Teume stole literally everyone’s hearts with her adorable video: Oh Eunseo!


#아사히오빠 #생일을 #축하해요 #은서가 #많이 #보고싶어요💕

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 5_silver_stop – 5_silver_stop

And this isn’t the first time she’s gone viral for wishing a TREASURE member happy birthday. Back in April, people were freaking out over how cute her message for Haruto was!

You might be thinking, “Wow, she looks familiar!” – that’s because you’ve probably seen her before! Not only is Eunseo a child actress, appearing in popular K-Dramas such as Hospital Playlist, but she was also one of the kids from episodes 37 and 49 of the TREASURE MAP series.

| TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

Since her time on the program, Eunseo has continuously shown her support for TREASURE. Not only does she know their songs by heart…

But she’s even promoted some of their merch on Instagram, her favorite item being the super fluffy blanket!

| @5_eun_seo/Instagram

We hope that Asahi is able to see all of the love and support that Eunseo and many other Teumes have sent for this birthday this year!