TREASURE’s Choreography For “Jikjin” Is Special This Time—Here’s Why

They’re showing everybody a new side to them with this comeback!

TREASURE recently made their much-anticipated comeback with their first minialbum The Second Step: Chapter One, and accompanying title track “Jikjin”, and talked about how special this comeback is for them!

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TREASURE held an online showcase for their latest comeback, where they talked about the album, song, and how much they’ve grown since the public last saw them!

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With their song “Jikjin”, Hyunsuk shared that they did their best to show their more mature side, as compared to the music they released when they first debuted in 2020.

If we had shown a boy-like freshness before, we’re more mature in this album. I felt that our voices have also become different and more mature as I monitored our recordings. I think we’re growing up in line with the evolutions in our concepts.


Member Doyoung also highlighted more differences in their comeback concept this time, and laid special emphasis on how their approach to their choreographies had changed!

If our group dances had been more focused on power before, in “Jikjin” the members were able to add their own details to the basic moves.


Yoshi also commented on how even though they wanted to show a different side of them to everybody, they still made sure to showcase their unique charms as a group!

But we still didn’t lose the perfect conformity. For example, in the scene where all 12 of us stand in a single line, we made agreements on not only on when we should move, but to the small details of our arms and legs, and on how far we should jump.


TREASURE spoke about their choreography before as well, and even unveiled the point moves ahead of time! You can watch them talk about it here…

…and don’t forget to check out their comeback track “Jikjin” here!

Source: The Korea Herald