TREASURE’s Doyoung Fell Off A Boat, But Mashiho Had Bigger Worries Than Saving Him

Can you guess what Mashiho said to Doyoung? 😂

TREASURE had another fun-filled day when they filmed Episode 54 of their YouTube reality series, TREASURE MAP. They all aimed to be the Summer Kings of the day, playing water games and looking cool while doing so.


One of the most memorable parts was when they took turns practically flying through the water in an inflatable raft. There were mishaps right from the start, such as Haruto and Yedam dropping their GoPro cameras.

The most hilarious part was arguably when Doyoung actually fell off the boat! He flew off the raft when it was at a 45-degree angle, sliding down straight into the water.

Though Mashiho was nearest to him and they were even having fun a few minutes beforehand…

…he didn’t come to his help! In fact, Mashiho had bigger worries than saving Doyoung. He screamed more about his fallen slipper than his fallen member!

My shoe! My shoe! What about my shoe?

— Mashiho

In fact, while Doyoung was still floating in the water, the Japanese member shouted, “Doyoung, my shoe!” Nope, asking if his fellow member was alright was not his concern!

Fortunately, the member in question did not seem to mind. He was seen smiling brightly just seconds after falling off.

Doyoung even got his “revenge” when he climbed on top of Mashiho to get right back on the boat.

That’s friendship, alright! For more hilarious moments between the members, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube