TREASURE’s Doyoung Passes The First Round Of His College Exam, And His Reaction Can Warm Anyone’s Heart

So precious 🥺

TREASURE‘s Doyoung gave fans a sneak peek into his daily life during his solo TMI_LOG episode. He showed everyone around his school, rode his skateboard everywhere in the YG Entertainment building, had a short vocal practice, and more.

TREASURE’s Doyoung 

The song he picked for the latter was TREASURE’s very own “Orange” which was composed by fellow member Asahi.

In the middle of his session, he received an important phone call. Whatever was said by the caller made him ecstatic!

Wow, amazing! Okay!

— Doyoung

Doyoung revealed that it was his mother on the other end of the call. She relayed the good news that he had just passed the first round of his college test! As a 17 year old high school senior, he currently has his eyes set on university. He was able to do well in school despite being bombarded with the hectic schedules of the group.

My mom just called. She said I just passed the first round of the college entrance exam so I’m so excited. That’s amazing.

— Doyoung

He was so happy, he repeated, “I passed the first round!”


Doyoung promised fans that he would do his best to bring home more good news about the test.

I’ll make sure to prepare well and get through the second round too.

— Doyoung

Check out the full video below to learn more about Doyoung!

Source: YouTube