Hyunsuk Versus Jihoon: TREASURE’s Haruto Had A Sure Answer When Choosing Which Leader To Save If Both Were Drowning

What’s your guess?

Sometimes the simplest of questions bring out the most interesting answers!

K-Pop news writer Jeff Benjamin recently attended TREASURE‘s “JIKJIN” online press conference where he shared some key moments with fans. One memorable part was when Haruto was asked whom he’d save if co-leaders Jihoon and Hyunsuk were both drowning.

Haruto, Jihoon, and Hyunsuk

Though he’d rather save both, he didn’t hesitate to choose Hyunsuk when pushed.

I’ll go in the water and rescue both [but] if I’m forced to answer, I’ll say Hyunsuk because he’s right next to me.

— Haruto

Besides being “pressured” by Hyunsuk’s close proximity, Haruto also wanted to thank the older member for helping him write lyrics this comeback season. They are credited together in several songs from The Second Step: Chapter One including “U,” “Darari,” “It’s Okay,” and the title track “JIKJIN.”

Jihoon is very good to me and helpful when writing raps, but Hyunsuk was more helpful to me when writing the raps this time.

— Haruto

Whether it’s music or anything in life, he’s thankful for Hyunsuk’s constant guidance.

When we’re doing rap making, he will help. If I’m a bad position, he’ll help me out.

— Haruto

Of course, Haruto still loves the other co-leader and he ended with the caveat that “Jihoon will do the same” when it comes to always being supportive.

TREASURE made their comeback on February 15 after a year of hiatus with their song “JIKJIN.” Check out the music video below if you haven’t yet!

Source: Twitter