“One Meal A Day…” TREASURE Haruto’s Recent Comments Showcase The Harsh Impact Negative Remarks Have On Idols

It stemmed from an airport photo from September.

Being a K-Pop idol used to be a dream career, but more recently, netizens have seen the darker side of the industry, including the standards of beauty.

One idol that recently showed the impact of words and the negativity they can leave is TREASURE‘s Haruto.

TREASURE’s Haruto | YG Entertainment

Since debuting, Haruto has always wowed netizens with his unreal talent, visuals, and charm. When he gets on stage, the idol always makes a huge impact and steals the hearts of everyone, including those who might not actively stan TREASURE.


Yet, a recent comment made by the idol has showcased that words from netizens can impact even the most confident stars.

Back in September, TREASURE arrived at the airport for an overseas schedule. Yet, fans hit back at Korean netizens and media outlets after many focused on Haruto’s “weight gain” in a negative way. While international netizens defended the idol, it became a hot topic on forums.

Yet, while it’s been a month since the photos, and it’s not being spoken about, Haruto has showcased the impact that words can have.

On October 19, Haruto went on Weverse to do a live voice broadcast and chat with fans.

Haruto is known for his cheerful and positive attitude, but netizens shared their sadness when the idol revealed that he was on a diet and the reasons for doing it.

In particular, when speaking about it, he explained that he did it because of “a weird picture” that was released. Many netizens assumed it was those from the airport that had caused such a stir online.

I’m dieting right now since there was a weird picture that has been released once. So I’m currently dieting. And I already quit drinking Cola, and I also ate one meal a day.

— Haruto

When the audio was released online, it’s not surprising that TREASURE fans shared their anger towards netizens who had made negative comments. In particular, it showcases how idols are aware of what’s being said and how it can impact them negatively.

While idols seem strong and confident, they are only human, and words impact them as it does to all of us. It’s not surprising that netizens are sad for Haruto because he felt the need to change his lifestyle and diet because of negative comments.

Source: ARTY0SHI/Twitter and TREASURE/Weverse