TREASURE’s Hyung Line Wows In New Concept Films For Upcoming Mini Album

We can’t wait for February 15th!

YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE has been busy promoting their 1st mini-album THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE and has their fans excited as they see the new content.

| @ygent_official/Twitter

The maknae line (Doyoung, Haruto, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan) just had their concept photos released and wowed fans with how much they’ve matured since their last comeback.

Now, YG Entertainment has released the hyung line’s concept films. The hyung line is comprised of Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, and Junkyu.

1. Hyunsuk

Watch the full film here.

2. Jihoon

Watch the full film here.

3. Yoshi

Watch the full film here.

4. Junkyu

Watch the full film here.

The teasers have a brief vocal bit with one of the members singing “I want you” to give fans a taste of more to come. Korean fans are convinced it’s Hyunsuk.

While others couldn’t help but make some memes out of the tiny bit of lyrics they got from the teasers.

These teasers dropped right as it was announced that TREASURE has broken records with 600,000 pre-orders for this upcoming mini-album!

Many Treasure Makers, or Teume (TREASURE’s official fandom name), were so proud to hear about the record as the 600,000 pre-orders tops those of other rookie groups like aespa and ENHYPEN.

They even broke their own record from their last comeback!

We’re so excited to hear what the boys have worked on! The album is set to release on February 15th, have you pre-ordered your album yet?