TREASURE’s Jeongwoo Is Going Viral For His Unexpected Reaction To His Members’ Appearance At His SOPA Graduation

It’s giving “embarrassing uncle” vibes! 😂😂

When it comes to K-Pop groups who are like family, YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE is always on people’s lists. Since debuting, the members have showcased a strong bond both on stage and away from fans.

The members of TREASURE | @treasuremembers/Twitter

Of course, like any family, the members always make sure they are there for the big events, even if they’re not directly linked to the group. On February 9, TREASURE made sure to showcase their bond after attending the graduation of member Jeongwoo.

TREASURE’s Jeongwoo | YG Entertainment

As expected, Jeongwoo looked flawless in his bright yellow SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul) uniform. Luckily, his classmates and the media were on hand to share pictures of the idol.

Yet, as flawless as Jeongwoo looked, attention was also given to his hilarious reaction to the members who attended.

As soon as Jeongwoo walked onto the stage, it was hard to miss the loud cheers from the TREASURE members. Although he walked on with the rest of his classmates, the cheers of “JjeongJjeongie” were unmissable amongst the huge crowds.

| @korea_odyssey/Twitter 

The cheers from the TREASURE members died down… for a few seconds until they started back again. Luckily, Jeongwoo must’ve spotted them and given a little wave.

| @korea_odyssey/Twitter

Yet, the words had fans laughing as the members shouted things like, “Please look to the front,” and they even asked him to dance to their classic track “JIKJIN.”

| @korea_odyssey/Twitter

| @korea_odyssey/Twitter

It wasn’t just cheering that the TREASURE members did. In photos from the graduation, the members were seen carrying banners with messages of support.

Of course, it meant that whenever Jeongwoo appeared, they not only shared their love with their shouting but also waved the banners enthusiastically to showcase their support.


In particular, when a photo of Jeongwoo looking shy and hiding behind his certificate was shared, many wondered what had caused the reaction. It seems now that the support from his members was the reason, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

| Wikitree

When the videos and photos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over the familial bond between the members. Like any family, the members weren’t afraid to shout and cheer for Jeongwoo, even if it made him shy in front of the members.

Sometimes graduation can be too serious and formal, but TREASURE definitely made it an unforgettable moment for both Jeongwoo and the group’s fans.

Source: Wikitree and Korean_odeyssy