TREASURE Jihoon’s Birthday Gift For NCT’s Sungchan Has The Internet Laughing

Even Sungchan had to laugh 😂

As the new hosts of SBS‘s Inkigayo, NCT‘s Sungchan and TREASURE‘s Jihoon have grown closer through the weekly music show and proved just how close with a hilarious present.

Sungchan and Jihoon.

Since Sungchan was right by Jihoon’s side to celebrate his birthday, Sungchan revealed that Jihoon repaid his kindness with a one-of-a-kind gift that quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

Holding up his phone, Sungchan showed off his birthday gift. It was a pair of bold animal print underwear that even Sungchan couldn’t resist laughing at. It wasn’t just any animal print, either.

The funny gift was a pair of BANANABD‘s “beast” underwear that costs around $8 USD and features a photo of the animal right in the center. It wasn’t the first time Jihoon gifted someone such a unique gift.


Fans remembered Jihoon gifting his fellow member Jeongwoo with a small trash can, noting that Jihoon was the king of giving memorable presents.

Jeongwoo and Jihoon. | @aegyodobby/Twitter

Not only will Sungchan have a laugh whenever he wears the underwear, but fans will also chuckle about Jihoon gifting it to him.