TREASURE’s Jihoon Expresses His Admiration For BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Jihoon had high praise for Lisa’s talents.

As part of their promotions for their recent comeback with “JIKJIN,” TREASURE attended Weekly Idol, where they gave fans a lot of new content. Like their performance of a YG Entertainment artist medley.

Because of his role as an MC for SBS‘s InkigayoJihoon was selected to introduce the songs they would be covering…


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And BIGBANG G-Dragon and Taeyang’s “GOOD BOY”

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TREASURE showed off their sharp, powerful dancing in the three covers, definitely doing their sunbaes (senior artists in the industry) proud with their performance.

But fans were also focused on how Jihoon decided to introduce Lisa’s “MONEY” as one of the songs they would be covering.

He announced that they would be performing a “song of the best rapper and dancer in this era, “MONEY” by Lisa sunbaenim.”

Fans were understandably excited by Jihoon’s praise for Lisa, agreeing with his compliments.

And they also loved seeing TREASURE promote their YG Entertainment sunbaes.

Joking that TREASURE maybe promotes Lisa better than YG Entertainment itself.

But although fans agreed with what Jihoon had to say, some fans of BLACKPINK were frustrated that TREASURE performed a cover of “MONEY.”

Fans were confused because Lisa’s promotions for “MONEY” were very short, with just a performance video and a Christmas-themed performance video. Allegedly, this is because YG Entertainment claimed that the song might not be appropriate for children if they saw it on a broadcast.

And so fans were understandably frustrated that TREASURE was allowed to perform the dance live, but the original artist couldn’t.

And while hopefully, Lisa will get some opportunities to show off “MONEY” in the future, at least fans of both groups can enjoy TREASURE’s talented cover.

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You can watch Lisa’s performance video for “MONEY” here.

And TREASURE’s dance medley here.