TREASURE’s Jihoon Insists He And Mashiho Are “Newlyweds”—Not Rivals

Just another day in TREASURE’s dorm!

Episode 34 of TREASURE MAP had TREASURE showing fans what they do on a normal day indoors. While several rested or attended school, others gathered together to eat lunch.

The menu was none other than fried rice with spam, egg, and sausages. It was Jihoon and Mashiho who were the chefs of the hour, and they had the full support of Doyoung and Jeongwoo who videoed them both.

The chefs had obviously different recipes as Mashiho put in more soy sauce and sausages while Jihoon mixed more eggs with his rice.

When asked if they were competing against each other, they disagreed.

Is this a cooking contest?

— Doyoung

Mashiho’s fried rice (left) and Jihoon’s fried rice (right)

Instead of being rivals, the two decided that they were more like a newly married couple!

No, we’re newlyweds.

— Jihoon

Even the TREASURE MAP editors agreed with the self-dubbed couple, calling Mashiho’s food “newlywed rice.”

To make their meal a little more special, Doyoung even lit a candle to decorate the center of the table.

Jeongwoo and Doyoung devoured the fried rice that the “newlyweds” made, making sure to compliment the older members.

Mmm…this is good. If I were on a deserted island, I could eat this for 100 days.

— Doyoung

Thanks to Mashiho’s and Jihoon’s cooking expertise, everyone enjoyed the food!

Check out the full video below!