TREASURE Fans Defend Junkyu After Netizens Say He’s “Ignorant” For Not Knowing What Tofu Is Made Of

Here’s what happened.

TREASURE made headlines in the Korean online community after Episode 67 of TREASURE MAP was released. In this video, the entire group lived the lifestyles of members Asahi and Jihoon for a day. A certain scene in the middle of the vlog caused several viewers to raise their eyebrows.

Right before eating their pre-prepared meal, Junkyu admitted that he did not know what tofu is made of. Also called “bean curd,” it is a food commonly eaten in East Asian countries made from dried soybeans that are soaked in water, crushed, and boiled.

Did you guys know? That tofu is made out of beans. Some people don’t know because tofu itself comes out…

— Junkyu

It was something he only recently found out about.

There are people who don’t know. That’s me.

— Junkyu

Some viewers took to online communities to express their amazement that he did not know something they considered basic. They commented that likes of, “That’s ignorant,”It’s my first time finding out someone didn’t know this,” and “Isn’t this something kids know?”

Fans were quick to defend Junkyu from the hate comments. Many pointed out that they, too, were not aware of such a thing.

Saying that he “does not know” how it’s made is also incorrect considering that he is now sharing his knowledge about it to his members.

They pointed out that this innocent demeanor of his is simply part of his character which he possibly plays up for comedic effect.

More importantly, TREASURE MAKERS added that being academically gifted is not necessary in his line of work. He has proven with his writing credits in songs such as “MOVE,” “Wonderland,” “B.O.M.B” and more that he is great at what he does for a living.

Finally, instead of belittling the idol for not knowing a piece of information, they asked others to take his love for learning as an inspiration to continue improving one’s self.

Check out the full episode below.

Source: Instiz and YouTube