TREASURE Was “Done” With Junkyu When He Forgot The Answer To A Question Meant For Him

Junkyu was supposed to know it best!

TREASURE finally reached the 50th episode of their YouTube reality series, TREASURE MAP. The group was separated into two and they did their own version of the iconic South Korean show Family Entertainment which had a variety of games.

From not being able to say the words “Yes” and “No” or else a balloon would blow up…

…to having a relay where they had to list down names of famous soccer players, Disney princesses, and more…

…and to guessing the song that a member hums, the two teams battled it out. It was in this latter game where they showed off their karaoke skills. Here, they would only be given the point if they sang or rapped the lyrics of the first verse correctly.

Jeongwoo‘s team with Yedam, Asahi, Haruto, Jaehyuk, and Junghwan dominated the first few songs. They left Hyunsuk‘s team anxious to even the score and win a few points!

Hyunsuk’s team was losing the round (Top) while Jeongwoo’s team was winning (Bottom)

That’s why when Junghwan began humming the chorus of Crush‘s “Beautiful,” the losing team knew it was Junkyu‘s representative song and their chance to counter. After all, it was the ballad that he sang in episode six of YG Treasure Box, the survival show that formed the group.

Unfortunately, he had a blank look the whole time! For some reason, he didn’t recognize the melody.

Hyunsuk couldn’t help but shout, “Junkyu!” in frustration. Even Yoshi commented, “This is Junkyu’s song.”

Unfortunately, the other team knew the song and title faster and they earned the right to attempt the track first. Junkyu didn’t look too sad, thankfully, as he supported the other team with a smile.

Of course, Jeongwoo’s team ended up winning the round and the competition. For more fun games, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube