TREASURE Go Viral With A Jaw-Dropping Performance At The 2022 MAMA Awards That Had Idols Shook

“They turned the MAMAs into their own concert…”

TREASURE is probably one of the hottest groups in the world, and it isn’t just because of their dazzling visuals. Since debuting, the members have always gained attention for their unreal performance skills.

It meant that when they were announced for the 2022 MAMA Awards, fans worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement.

TREASURE on the first day of the 2022 MAMA Awards | Mnet

On the red carpet, the members already stole the hearts of fans with their visuals and charisma.

So, it wasn’t surprising that fans worldwide were anticipating seeing the group finally perform. From the very beginning of the performance, they instantly captured the attention of fans and idols watching. Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Haruto started with “VolkNo.”

Yet, if the scale of the performance wasn’t enough, one moment that truly made the group stand out was their interactions with the other idols.

While many fourth-generation idols shy away from interacting in fear, TREASURE went into the crowd of idols and got hyped with them. Dancing with the likes of Stray Kids on the front row, the rest of the idols were definitely getting into the performance.

Of course, it wasn’t just when the members were with the idols that the rest of the crowd was hyped. Stray Kids were definitely vibing during the performance.

Although they had a huge set and production, it was the members themselves that wowed netizens by showcasing their ability to combine stable vocals with outstanding performance.

It seemed like the energy was always 1000% and there was something for everyone as the rest of the members came out to sing their tracks “JIKJIN…”

And their epic track “HELLO.”

When the performance ended, social media was full of tweets praising the group for not only their huge production and talent but for going into the crowd and just having fun.

Even those who didn’t listen to the group couldn’t hide their praise for the performance, adding that they truly created an unreal atmosphere.

One user shared that the members were trending in South Korea after their phenomenal performances, cementing their popularity.

Throughout the two days, the YG group has gone viral so many times, and all for a good reason. From their talent, visuals, and personality, they truly shone and treated fans to an epic performance.

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Source: Mnet K-Pop