TREASURE’s Maknae Junghwan Opens Up About Experiencing “Tough” Times As A K-Pop Idol Who Debuted So Young

It wasn’t easy.

TREASURE‘s youngest member, Junghwan, recently opened up about the trials he faced as a young boy growing up in the K-Pop world. He admitted this to none other than co-leader and eldest member Hyunsuk in a one-on-one “T-Talk” video posted on their YouTube channel.

TREASURE’s Junghwan (Left) and Hyunsuk (Right)

Junghwan, born on February 18, 2005, was active in the Korean entertainment industry ever since he was young, starring in several commercials and K-Dramas as a child actor.

He gained a sizeable following once he appeared in YG Treasure Box and eventually made it to the final team.

In August 2020, he debuted with “BOY,” becoming one of the youngest K-Pop idols at just 15 years old.

In the “T-Talk” video, he reminisced about entering stardom early, saying that it has already been half a decade since he began training at YG Entertainment alongside his members.

Since I started this all so young and I grew up with you guys, it’s already been five years.

— Junghwan

What was most difficult was that he needed to become independent early. He had to divide his time between school and training, and he was even busier after debut.

I learned early on how to survive and live alone.

— Junghwan

Hyunsuk chimed in that he noticed the struggles the maknae was facing. In return, the latter admitted that the pressure he was under was “so tough.”

Hyunsuk: Yeah, I think you learned it so early on.

Junghwan: It was so tough at the time.

Despite the hardships that he faced, Junghwan does not regret the path that he took. It was made easier by the fact that he had his beloved members by his side the entire time.

I’ve always seen and received good influences…I feel so thankful when I look back at it now.

— Junghwan

Hyunsuk praised the maknae for his perseverance. He noticed since the start that Junghwan was mature beyond his years, complimenting his “strong mind.”

I did feel so bad for you. You’re in Year 12 now but you were even younger back then. You had such a strong mind and were completely determined. You thought more maturely than other members who are older.

— Hyunsuk

Junghwan, now 18 years old, is busy balancing his studies as a high school student and his career as a K-Pop idol who is currently on a worldwide tour.

Check out the full video below to learn more about the two members!

Source: YouTube