TREASURE Members Reveal Fun Facts About Themselves On Latest Interview

Learn more about this new group from YG Entertainment!

In their latest interview with Kstyle, recently debuted TREASURE members answered questions and revealed fun facts about themselves.

Mashiho went first, and was asked his about his favorite place in Japan. He answered that the theme park in his hometown in Mie Prefecture is his favorite. It’s not the biggest or the fanciest theme park, but he’s got a lot of fond memories there.

“It’s not that big, but I have good memories of the theme park.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Doyoung was asked who the mood maker of the group is. He picked Jeongwoo, citing that he always works hard to keep everyone’s spirits up.

“Jeongwoo always tries to be uplifting.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Junghwan was asked what moment he remembers most from the trainee days. He answered “Learning the choreography comes to mind. It was hard to synchronize between all 12 members.”

“Getting all members on the same page is difficult.” | Kstylenews/YouTube  

Jaehyuk, when asked about his favorite Japanese artist, answered that he’s into HoneyComeBear

“My favorite Japanese artist is HoneyComeBear” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

…so you should check out their song “Twilight!” Jaehyuk has great taste.

Yedam was asked about how it feels to have finally debuted. He said “It feels amazing to have debuted with all 12 members. We’ve worked so hard for so long, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

“It’s great to debut with as a 12-man unit, and I’m looking forward to everything that lies ahead.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Asahi was asked about what recently made his heart throb. When he answered “When I’m with all 12 of my fellow members,” the others playfully chimed in with “Now I feel the same way” and “I like the image you’re trying to project.” The members clearly love each other!

“When I’m with my fellow members, my heart is always beating fast.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Junkyu was asked about his favorite Japanese food, but answered the question with his favorite Japanese phrase. Quoting the 1983 movie The Family Game, Junkyu said “Once I get my hands on them, any student can 100% get into University of Tokyo.” 

“Once I get my hands on them, any student can 100% get into University of Tokyo.” | Kstylenews/YouTube

University of Tokyo is Japan’s most prestigious university, comparable to Korea’s Seoul University. Perhaps the confidence the quote exudes appealed to Junkyu!

The aforementioned mood maker Jungwoo, said picked Mashiho’s birthplace Mie Prefecture as the place he wants to visit in Japan the most. He wants to meet Mashiho’s family once he eventually goes!

“I want to visit Mie Prefecture to see Mashiro hyung’s family.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Yoshi, when asked about his charm point, responded that he thinks his eyes are appealing. He’s definitely right about that!

“My eyes look hot.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

The group’s leader Hyunsuk was asked about TREASURE’s biggest strength. He revealed that their tireless energy is their biggest strength. Even on days when they relentless practice, they never seem to burn out!

“Yesterday we practiced a lot, but today we aren’t tired at all. Our energy is our biggest strength.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Haruto was asked what his favorite word in Japanese is. He responded with “family,” inciting an explosive reaction from the other members. They’re already one big family, always supportive of one another.

“Family,” is my favorite word in Japanese. | Kstylenews/YouTube 

Jihoon said the Japanese food he really wants to try out is takoyaki (octopus balls).

“I have to say that I want to try out takoyaki the most.” | Kstylenews/YouTube 

At the end, they thanked the viewers for their attention, and asked for their support as they start off their careers.

“Thank you!” | Kstylenews/YouTube

We wish them the best of luck!

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