TREASURE Members Take Heat From Korean Fans For A “Disrespectful” Cover Of WINNER’s Song

“Wow… they really flunked this.”

During a recent KBS CoolFM radio program Kang Han Na’s Volume Up, YG Entertainment‘s rookie boy group TREASURE members split into three teams and took turns covering different songs live on air.

TREASURE on KBS CoolFM’s “Volume Up”. | @volumeup891/Instagram

Members Junkyu, Mashiho, Asahi, Doyoung, and Junghwan covered their agency-mates and sunbae group WINNER‘s “Really Really”.

Unfortunately, some Korean fans found the entire performance “disrespectful toward WINNER and fans in general” — after the members seemingly “didn’t even know the lyrics” and “tackled it without having the parts divided or rehearsed“. Once the clip from the program got uploaded to KBS CoolFM’s YouTube channel, these fans commented their agitated criticism under the video as well.

  • “It’s not free karaoke time, guys. T-T There is a line that should not be crossed… Even fans can’t excuse them for this behavior.”
  • “Wow… they really flunked this.”
  • “You know, I might actually be able to excuse the lack of talent. But the behaviors? What the f*ck is wrong with them?”
  • “They should have at least memorized the lyrics before they went live.”
  • “Don’t hoobae idols usually master their agency sunbae‘s songs and choreographies down to perfection? I wonder if they even practice singing.”
  • “Like… yes, your voice can crack if you’re having a bad day or whatever… But your attitude? Nah… And to think that these guys are only rookies!”


They insisted that, “Especially as rookies, TREASURE should have been more thoughtful about how they present themselves to the public.

  • “I’m sorry, are we absolutely sure they weren’t asked to perform this on the spot? Because, like… they don’t seem prepared at all.”
  • “Honestly, had I been a WINNER stan, I would have been offended AF.”
  • “Even the biggest K-Pop idols had their rookie days. They went on radio shows and they sang sunbae songs too. None of them acted like this. They were impeccable.”
  • “Please keep in mind this is live on radio. People, who are not TREASURE fans, are listening to this as it happens. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t be surprised?”
  • “Everything aside, this is f*cking disrespectful to their sunbae hyungs, is it not?”


Upon seeing the heat build, however, other fans have come to TREASURE’s defense. International fans in particular found the laidback vibe of the performance simply endearing.

These supportive fans shared that they “look forward to hearing TREASURE sing more on radio and TV shows.”

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO