A Moth Invaded TREASURE’s Dorm In The Middle Of Filming…And Chaos Ensued

Relatable AF!

“Relatable” is TREASURE’s middle name! Though they’re overflowing with charisma in each performance…


…back home they’re just normal boys who have the same fears and quirks as the rest of us.

In a recent episode of The Idol Ramyeonators, members Junkyu, Hyunsuk, Yoshi, Jihoon, and Yedam were seen eating several types of noodles while reminiscing on their concert experience. Chaos ensued when Junkyu suddenly saw a moth enter the room through the window.

Yedam backed away ever so slightly in his seat, confessing, “I’m scared of bugs.”

Yoshi, the brave soul that he is, took it upon himself to save everyone from the moth. He grabbed a paper bag and was able to capture it…

…but no one knew what to do next!

He slowly dragged the bag over to the window but needed to repeat the entire process when the moth stealthily escaped.

Junkyu jumped into the chaos as he attempted to trap the moth in his plastic bag. For several seconds, he and Yoshi were seen flailing around chasing after the insect that was much, much smaller than them.

Just when everyone thought they had the moth trapped, Jihoon saw it escape and dropped the bag.

Hyunsuk proceeded to trip over his own two feet in shock—but no one went to his rescue!

His fellow members were too focused on getting the bag up and the moth safely out the window.

It was definitely an eventful couple of minutes for TREASURE!

Check out the full video below to see more of the group’s antics.

Source: YouTube