TREASURE’s New Album Is Just As Sweet As They Are

Their album will “make you feel better just by looking at it.”

The world has been a scary place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many find it hard to relax. Well, TREASURE is releasing their new album The First Step: TREASURE Effect on January 11 in hopes that they can bring people some comfort.

During a press conference for the release of their new albumTREASURE revealed the album is filled with sweet, encouraging, and warm lyrics sure to bring some comforting thoughts to fans during this time: “I hope that even one person can hear our song and gain strength.

The title track “My Treasure” is reported to be one of their most encouraging and supportive songs. The song possesses a message reminding listeners that everyone in this world is a cherished gem.

The sweet and comforting lyrics share, “don’t worry / smile one more time /  you’re pretty when you smile / cheer up / we will shine eventually“.

Doyoung explained, “This song is very different from the songs that we’ve released so far. It’s bright and hopeful, so we hope that a lot of people gain strength and energy from it.”

Along with the beautiful lyrics is the beautiful music video to which member Junkyu claimed, “There are many scenes that make you feel better just by looking at it.

| TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

The group also mentioned their song “Slow Motion,” written and composed by Chanhyuk of AKMU, also holds a great therapeutic message.

The song is one of the album’s slower-paced songs and empowers the idea of holding hands tightly with others living through this tough world.

I was able to comprehend the power of the word ‘Together’ as I worked with the group. I believe there is nothing I can’t do when I have my members because it’s not just my dream, but it’s our dream.

— Hyunsuk

TREASURE definitely felt the hardship of COVID as they debuted last year in August. Though the group has been active with making music and other content for their fans, they have never really properly met their fans in person.

So far the group has done a lot of fan meetings over video calls, but the group shared they really want to meet face to face.

| pops in chi/YouTube

The members of TREASURE showed their artistic talent by contributing to the creation of various songs in their album. The group’s Rappers Hyunseok, Yoshi, and Haruto contributed to writing lyrics for “My Treasure.”

Members Hyunseok and Haruto engaged in the songwriting and rap for all the other songs in the album but the song “Crazy.”

Fans can not wait to meet TREASURE in person one day, but for now, are pleased and comforted by the songs of their new album!