TREASURE Released Four Music Videos In One Day And Are Already Burning Up In Japan

They haven’t even had their official Japanese debut yet!

TREASURE have yet to debut in Japan, but they’re already burning up the Japanese music scene!

| YG Entertainment

Their Japanese debut is set for March 31 and in preparation, a huge poster went up on the front of Shibuya 109, an iconic department store building in the heart of Tokyo! They will be kicking off their Japanese promotional period with a pop-up store in the shopping center.

| YG Entertainment

On top of that, they released four music videos for the Japanese versions of these Korean tracks: “BOY,” “I Love You,” “MMM” and “My Treasure”!

These four songs will be on their Japanese debut album, The First Step: Treasure Effect, as well. The album will consist of 13 tracks: one Japanese original and 12 Japanese versions of Korean tracks. “Beautiful,” the Japanese original, was already released prior to the album.

It’s no surprise that four back-to-back music video releases caught the attention of Japanese listeners. It definitely helps that there are four Japanese members as well!

The cover for their Japanese single “Beautiful.” | YG Entertainment

The First Step: Treasure Effect will be released on March 31. Keep your eyes out!

Source: Korea Herald
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