TREASURE Releases Self-Produced Fansong “EVERYDAY” For Their First Anniversary And Teumes Are Getting Emotional

It was just too sweet! 🥺

On August 6, TREASURE celebrated their first anniversary by unveiling the music video for “EVERYDAY” at the beginning of TREASURE MAP‘s 58th episode. In order to thank their fans (Teumes) for all of their love and support, the members came together to self-produce the song just for them!

During the half hour broadcast, Teumes not only got to see the video for the very first time, but they were also given a look behind-the-scenes of how “EVERDAY” came to be.

[TREASURE MAP] EP.58 💎 데뷔 1주년 기념 스페셜 💎 EVERYDAY | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

When it came to recording vocals, the members paid a lot of attention to detail, even adding harmonization to their own previous takes to make sure everything sounded absolutely perfect.

They even directed the music video themselves, coming up with their own scenes and giving each other instructions through megaphones!

What made “EVERYDAY” even more special is that TREASURE had actually been hinting at it to Teumes for a while! During a previous live stream, the members had fans vote on different beats they made, with the winner ultimately making it into the final song.

In addition, Yedam told someone during a fansign that “EVERYDAY” was his favorite self-composed song before it was even released! Teumes were confused about his words for a while and thought maybe he had misspoken, but obviously that was not the case.

Fans are so proud of how far the boys have come in just one year and are excited to see what the future has in store for them!

You can watch the entire video here: