Sasaengs Spotted Going To Extreme Lengths To Stalk TREASURE On Jeju Island Vacation

YG’s editors exposed them on camera 👀

Earlier this summer, the TREASURE members were treated to a well-earned vacation in Jeju Island—and luckily for fans, it was all captured and documented for their TREASURE MAP reality series. However, the cameras also captured something more sinister: presumed sasaeng (stalker) “fans” going to extreme lengths to follow the members.

Episode 57 of TREASURE MAP opened with the members arriving at Gimpo Airport with the vlog cameras in tow, ready to make a “T-Log” of their Jeju Island trip for fans. But sadly, from the moment they touched down on the island, the TREASURE members were already finding themselves bombarded.


Nervous with too many people,” read the TREASURE MAP captions as the members pushed through large crowds in the airport, the sound of camera shutters surrounding them. Ultimately, the TREASURE MAP editors revealed that they were unable to capture any more airport footage for safety reasons—likely referring to the security issues crowds of fans bring.

| TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

Unfortunately, while the fans greeting TREASURE at Jeju Island’s airport likely had good intentions, things only got worse from there on out. In one clip, as the members arrive at a port for a boating excursion, several fans with cameras can be seen following them in the background.

(Arrow added for clarity; not part of original footage) | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

Even as TREASURE boarded their boats, the fans continued to take photos of them.

(Arrow added for clarity; not part of original footage) | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

Later, as the members had fun in the sea, the fans continued to stalk them—this time going to even more extreme lengths by hiring boats to follow them.

| TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

Several minutes into the footage, the cameras captured three boats filled with fans trailing alongside the TREASURE members.

“There’s a boat who wants a peek” | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE MAP editors wasted no time in pointing out the inappropriate behavior. “T-enjoying a private vacation,” read the show’s captions, adding “There’s a boat who wants a peek. Two more offshore.” Although the vacation was being filmed for the group’s reality show, it was still considered a private schedule—activity fans are not informed about or permitted to attend.

“Two more offshore” | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

Naturally, TREASURE fans across social media were upset and angry to see the so-called fans—who they labelled sasaengs—refusing to respect boundaries and the members’ privacy.

Many were grateful to see TREASURE MAP‘s editors “expose” the fans without blurring their faces.

Thankfully, despite the uncomfortable behavior, the TREASURE members did seem to enjoy the Jeju Island vacation throughout the episode. Now, many are hoping this TREASURE MAP episode will serve as a warning to others who may be considering interrupting the members on private schedules.


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