TREASURE Are Going Viral For Their “Unserious” Reactions To Winning At The 2023 “MAMA Awards”

TREASURE always bring the chaos to award shows! πŸ˜‚

When it comes to K-Pop groups at awards shows, one group that always goes viral for their hilarious and iconic behavior is TREASURE!

The members of TREASURE | Mnet

On November 28, the members attended theΒ 2023 MAMA Awards. From the minute they stepped onto the red carpet, they made an impact.

During the show, along with some performances, TREASURE picked up a special award which was the “Galaxy Neo Flip Artist” taking into consideration music, performances, and much more.

At first, they seemed shocked by winning the award, and it took them a few seconds to even realize that their names had been called out by the host.

As Hyunsuk started to do the speech, netizens noticed that Haruto was holding a phone in the background. Fans of the group instantly recognized that it was Junkyu‘sΒ Samsung which of course made sense as the award (and the show) was sponsored by the brand.

Junkyu then couldn’t stop laughing as Jihoon took the phone and started showing off as he did the speech.

As expected, when the video came out, netizens couldn’t get over how unserious TREASURE was. In particular, at a time when netizens think idols are too worried to have fun, netizens loved that TREASURE were joking around when they got the award.

If that wasn’t enough, netizens loved that Junkyu got extra screentime because he was showing off his Samsung throughout the show, especially as Samsung is the sponsor of the awards.

As always, the TREASURE members know how to throw a party at an awards show! They always bring chaos in the best way and make netizens LOL!

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