Fans Are Obssessing Over TREASURE’s Yedam’s Beautiful Falsetto

“Falsetto king.”

Talented and popular group TREASURE made an appearance KBS Cool FM. 

The group members listened to some good music and chatted with the DJ, who is none other than DAY6’s Young K. The group also performed their hit song “My Treasure” live for the listeners.

Shortly after their time on the radio, fans could not hold back in obsessing over the group’s amazing live vocals.


Of course it’s no secret that all the members are extremely talented, however, one member who was mentioned a lot for his great vocal skills was member Yedam. While everyone is well aware of Yedam’s great vocals and beautiful voice, fans made sure he got the recognition he deserved in the comments:

It’s undeniable that all the members of TREASURE are vocally talented and that they sound amazing live! And Now fans know to listen for Yedam’s sweet falsetto!

Check out TREASURE’s beautiful vocals on KBS Cool FM: