TREASURE’s J-line Had To Choose Their Opponent For Arm Wrestling, And No One Wanted To Pick Jihoon

He’s too strong!

TREASURE celebrated the Lunar New Year with their human-sized board game of luck in Episode 33 of TREASURE MAP. They were separated into three teams: four members who lived in Seoul, four who lived in the countryside, and four who hailed from Japan.

When the J-line consisting of Asahi, Haruto, Yoshi, and Mashiho landed on a random card, they were tasked to arm wrestle with one person from the opposing teams.

From left to right: Asahi, Haruto, Yoshi, and Mashiho | TREASURE/YouTube

The others began chanting “Park Jihoon” as soon as the challenge was read aloud. J-line immediately asked the staff if they could choose their own opponent as the co-leader was too strong.

Jihoon recently made fans swoon when he was seen lifting both Asahi and Doyoung from the ground while hugging them—as if it wasn’t a big deal at all!

Luckily for them, they picked the “paper doll” of the group, Doyoung, instead! Considering that Mashiho is one of the strongest in TREASURE, he had an easy time winning the game.

Unfortunately for J-line, they faced their worst nightmare the next time they landed on the same place on the board. As if they spoke it into existence, they picked the paper with Jihoon’s name on it.

Asahi could only scream, “Mashi, run away!” while everyone went wild.

The Japanese member had no hope of winning, saying, “I’ll lose anyway” when Jihoon allowed him to use either of his arms.

Mashiho: Does it have to be our right hand?

Jihoon: You pick! It doesn’t matter.

He did ended up losing easily to Jihoon to no one’s surprise. Even the other team commented things like “That’s too cruel!” when Jihoon pretended to almost lose numerous times!

To see more fun moments among the three teams, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube