[★TRENDING] Kris (Wu Yifan) writes his own song for “Somewhere Only We Know” OST

Kris (Wu Yifan) will be releasing his newest single “Somewhere Only We Know” for the Chinese movie of the same name Somewhere Only We Know.

Because this is his first self-produced track, this song holds a great significance for Kris. Although the date of release for the OST has not yet been announced, it is known that “Somewhere Only We Know” will be the title track for the Xu Jing Lei-produced film Somewhere Only We Know, whereby the movie is set to be screened in theaters on Valentine’s Day next year in 2015.

Having a determined heart to pursue his dreams, Kris will use his most sincere music and ability to meet his fans once again, using the song as a gift to thank fans who have waited long for him. Not only will it be his first attempt at acting in a movie, it is also mark his first time taking the role of the male lead. As a result, he looks at his song with utmost importance.

Kris personally participate in the song’s production, staying in the recording studio for 10 hours with hopes to produce a song with the best effects. This can be seen through the behind-the-scenes photos (found below), where Kris only showed his serious and nervous side while recording.

He put his personal emotions into singing the song, after a lot of practice, putting effort into writing the lyrics for the OST. It is also reported that to boost his condition, Kris, who aimed for perfection even drank a few small cups of alcohol in the recording studio, hoping to immerse himself in the right mood and also to enhance the quality of the music by doing so.

Director Xu Jing Lei also personally went down to the recording studio to guide him, and said that she left him the heavy duty of singing the theme song for her movie because she trusted and admired him. She gave him the opportunity to sing out his feelings about his first movie project and his thoughts on acting in his first love story.

Earlier in May this year, Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to request for early termination of his contract. Since then, he has retreated from participating at promotional activities for EXO and EXO-M. He works on his solo development, making his public appearance at  the press conference of Somewhere Only We Know on September 11th.

Kris was also rumored to be in discussions of being casted for another Chinese movie based on the hit drama Scarlet Heart. Despite landing a spot in acting for movies and singing OSTs, it has not been smooth-sailing for Kris as he faces Chinese entertainment companies who are hesitant on signing him.

Source: Sohu