[★TRENDING] MBK Announces The End Of Their Entertainment Business

Rumors recently surfaced that MBK Group, the parent company of MBK entertainment would be discontinuing their entertainment business.

The company stated “We are discontinuing a business that has reached its maximum potential in order to improve our overall business. We plan to focus on our main business such as OLED and develop new ventures such as cosmetics instead.”

It was erroneously reported that MBK Entertainment is MBK’s subsidiary, and would directly affected by the company’s decision to discontinue entertainment business. Rumors began spreading that this could be the end of popular girl groups T-ARA and DIA.

Reports rumored that the act would affect DAP Sound and Maroo Entertainment, which are home to multiple artists including singer Kim Jong Kook, actor Ha Seok Jin and Seo Eun Chae as well as Shannon who is currently competing in K-Pop Star.

However, as the news broke that MBK Entertainment will be discontinuing their business, MBK Entertainment officials quickly denied all claims that they were indeed shutting down business.

The told XPORTSNEWs “This has nothing to do with us, MBK and MBK Entertainment are different companies. The MBK company that is shutting down is another MBK which is different from MBK Entertainment, they are however both under the MBK Group.

Source: Sports World, X Sports News