TRI.BE’s Agency Issues Official Apology After Soeun Uses Racial Slur While Singing Beyonce’s Song

They are deeply sorry for their actions.

Girl group TRI.BE member Soeun is receiving heat after singing a Beyoncé song and including the “N-word”.

The group recently appeared on KBS WORLD‘s Entrevista en espanol a TRI.BE YouTube program where Soeun sang the song “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé.

What caused controversy was that she sang the song including the racial slur on public television.

After understanding the situation, TR Entertainment posted an official apology online.

TR Entertainment wants to express our sincerest apologies to TRI.BE fans in reference to the inappropriate word when TRIBE member Soeun sang Beyonce’s song ‘Irreplaceable’ on the ‘KBS Worrld Entrevista en espanol a TRI.BE’ YouTube program. We genuinely feel very sorry that we didn’t check the lyrics before she sang the song. Soeun only practiced the lyrics on the Korean music platform and she didn’t know what it meant. We deeply realized our actions and words made everyone feel uncomfortable. We promise that we will be very careful on TRI.BE’s official activities.

⁠— TR Entertainment

While most fans were glad that the agency issued a statement right away, others still weren’t happy about the situation and hoped that Soeun would also post a personal apology.

Some netizens also feel that a huge part of the blame should be on the company, as they do not understand the importance of educating their idols about racism.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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