TR.IBE’s Jinha To Go On Hiatus Due To Health Issues

We hope she gets better soon!

According to TR Entertainment, TRI.BE’s Jinha will temporarily be suspending activities due to health issues. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is TR Entertainment. We are here to inform you about the future activities of TR.IBE member Jinha. First, we would like to apologize for the sudden news to the fans who are waiting for TRI.BE’s new album.

While we were preparing for the new album, we realized that Jinha had a health problem, and we are checking in various ways to get an accurate diagnosis. Although we have waited for her to recover for a seven-member comeback, we have been told that she needs sufficient rest and stability.

After careful discussion, Jinha and the members have decided to temporarily focus on her recovery. Except for the content that was previously filmed, TRI.BE will promote as a six-member group for the time being.

We will do our best to provide the necessary support for Jinha’s complete recovery. We ask for your generous understanding on this decision and please refrain from making assumptions or misunderstandings related to Jinha’s health condition.

Once again, we ask for your understanding for causing concern to the fans. Thank you.

Source: newsen