Here Are The Tricks TWICE’s Sana Used To Master Korean As A Trainee

She revealed her favorite study methods.

TWICE‘s Sana may be Japanese, but she’s so fluent at Korean that it isn’t unusual for people to think she’s from Korea!

In a recent interview, Sana was asked what methods she used to master the language. “Sana, your Korean is so good you are called ‘Kim Sana’. What method do you use to study Korean?

She revealed that she barely has time to study these days, but as a trainee, her favorite trick was to read street signs out loud whenever she passed them.

I wanted to be good at Korean so I studied hard. Although I am busy these days, when I was a trainee, I would read all the signs while walking down the street.

— Sana

She also went the extra mile to record her voice and listen to it so that she could see where to improve her pronunciation.

I also worked pretty hard on my pronunciation. I recorded and listened to my Korean because I wanted to improve my pronunciation and try to fix and strange or awkward parts.

— Sana

Sana’s hard work eventually paid off! She revealed that it is now much easier for her to speak Korean. “Korean has become much more comfortable now.

In fact, she even writes songs with Korean lyrics. “Not too long ago, I also wrote a song in Korean (laughs).”

Sana is living proof that with hard work and smart tactics, even difficult tasks can be accomplished with flying colors!

| A’pieu
Source: Naver


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