Popular Girl Group’s Latest Choreography Criticized For Being Inappropriate

Fans’ concerns were ignored.

TripleS‘s recent choreography has been criticized for being “inappropriate” for the younger members.

The members of TripleS | @triplescosmos/Twitter

Recently, the members had a performance.

| @triplescosmos/Twitter

One of the songs performed was “24,” and when videos of the show were posted, netizens shared their anger that the choreography was not appropriate for the younger members of the group.

After netizens started voicing their concerns, fans were shocked when the company released the “Official Stage Dance” version of the performance, with the members wearing school uniforms.

Certain parts of the choreography were deemed inappropriate for a group with minor members, and netizens were shocked that even with their concerns being voiced, the company insisted on posting the video with the OG choreography.

It meant that fans filled the quotes with their anger.

TripleS has a Discord to allow fans to interact, and many shared that when they voiced their concerns about the choreography, they were blocked or banned.

Fans just want the members to be protected, and while there are some adults in the group, there are also teenagers, with the maknae having just turned 14 years old.

Source: tripes official


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