TripleS Releases Debut EP “Assemble” Through An Unorthodox Voting System

“We are one, but also 24.”

After months of revealing one member at a time, tripleS released their first EP Assemble and title track “Rising” as a 10-member unit.

tripleS | @triplescosmo/Twitter

TripleS is a girl group of 24 members with a never-before-seen system: fans, also called the “Masters”, have the opportunity to vote for the members they’d like to see in a subunit—a process called “Gravity”. Each subunit is called a “Dimension” and if a Dimension passes 100,000 in CD sales during their promotion, they get to continue as a subunit. If not, they will disband until the next opportunity to join a subunit.

The title track “Rising” was voted by the Masters through their label Modhaus‘s official app, Cosmo

tripleS | iMBC News

Only once a year, the whole unit will join to promote altogether—Assemble is this year’s whole-unit promotion.

tripleS | tripleS official/YouTube

The title track “Rising”, with its exciting new music video and hard-hitting choreography made by Choi Hyo Je who also choreographs for NCT and The Boyz, is grabbing the media’s attention and there is much to expect from the group as they continue to reveal more members and release more Dimensions.

tripleS in music video for “Rising” | tripleS official/YouTube

In October of 2022, tripleS’s first Dimension called Acid Angel from Asia debuted with four members and the song “Generation” along with the album Access, but they soon disbanded because they did not sell 100,000 copies of their album.

Acid Angel from Asia | @triplescosmo/Twitter

What do you think about tripleS’s unique concept?

Check out the full music video for “Rising” here.


Source: News1, YouTube and Instagram