Trot singer Park Hyun Bin surprises with marriage announcement to girlfriend of 5 years

Popular trot singer Park Hyun Bin has surprised the public with a sudden marriage announcement!

His agency confirmed the news of his upcoming nuptials through an official press release on May 20th, revealing that the happy event will take place on August 8th at noon KST at the Walkerhill Hotel.

His wife-to-be is described as a young woman four years his junior named Kim, whom he had secretly been seeing for the past five years. At the time of their meeting, she had majored in traditional Korean dance.

The agency further explains the reason behind keeping his relationship a secret from the public, stating that it was out of consideration of his bride-to-be as she is not a celebrity. “As it comes with the job of a celebrity, it’s that he worried about the public’s interest becoming too much pressure and burden on her.”

“He is asking for everyone’s understanding for making it known only after confirming their wedding date. Please congratulate the upcoming marriage between the bride that has continuously stayed by Park Hyun Bin’s side when he went through hard times and the groom that has unchangingly love her.”

Park Hyun Bin made his debut in 2006 “Ppara Ppara” and has continuously released hit tracks such as “Gondeure Mandeure,” “Trust Me (Believe in Oppa),” and “Syabang Syabang.”

Source: TV Report