Are We Finally Getting A Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Troye Sivan Collab? All Signs Point To “Yes!”

Fans believe he will be featured on a remix of “Rush.”

We might soon get a collab announcement from Australian singer-songwriter and actor Troye Sivan and Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin.

Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin
Troye Sivan

In May, the two singers met at Dua Lipa x Versace‘s “La Vacanza” 2023 Fashion Show. They sat together, chatting and taking pictures. Hyunjin even appeared on Sivan’s Instagram.

Yet, Sivan shocked netizens the next month by reposting a fan edit of the K-Pop idol on his TikTok account. He captioned it, “Anyone know how to reach this man :///”


Anyone know how to reach this man :///

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

Many STAYs (Stray Kids fans) commented on the post, teasingly suggesting Sivan subscribe to Hyunjin’s bubble for JYPNation (a subscription-based app where you can message your favorite K-Pop idol). Sivan even liked and responded to some.


Since then, Troye Sivan posted an unfortunate “update” to TikTok, writing, “That’s the last time i publically crush on a K-Pop star i almost got murdered.” He also explained in an interview that he received death threats.


Put. That. Douwn.

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

Still, many fans genuinely wanted them to collaborate, knowing Hyunjin is a fan of Troye Sivan’s as well. Recently, when Sivan was asked about a potential collaboration, he replied, “That would be so sick. I would do that in a heartbeat.”

| Apple Music/YouTube

Now, Troye Sivan has made another post about Hyunjin. He duetted a fancam of Hyunjin performing Stray Kids’ “S-Class.” He wrote, “Wow absolutely love this guy. Would to sing w him one day.”


#duet with @kep1bts ✩ #hyunjin

♬ S-Class (Short Ver.) – Stray Kids

STAYs were amused that Troye Sivan was seemingly continuing to post about his “celebrity crush.” Some joked he needed to “get in line.”

|  @troyesivan/TikTok

Others hoped this meant we were finally getting that collab between the two.

|  @troyesivan/TikTok
|  @troyesivan/TikTok

As one pointed out, Troye Sivan recently posted a similar TikTok about another popular singer. He recorded himself dancing to an unreleased song by PinkPantheress with the text, “Wow love this lady’s voice. Would love to sing w her one day,” overlaying.


It’s 8 oclock in the morning

♬ original sound – 😘🙈☺️

Shortly after, it was announced that PinkPantheress would be featured on the remix of Troye Sivan’s song “Rush.” So, based on Sivan’s previous post, netizens suspect Hyunjin might be too.

Some STAYs believe they even heard a brief snippet of Hyunjin’s voice at the end of PinkPantheress’ video that announced the collab.

STAYs pointed out that producer Zhone, who has worked on “Rush,” also started following Hyunjin on Instagram.

It looks like we’ll soon get that collab we’ve been waiting for!

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