“True Beauty” On-Screen Couple Moon Ga Young And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Reunite

Ga Young even posted some “couple-like” photos on Instagram!

On the list of iconic K-Drama couples, the pairing of Moon Ga Young and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo in True Beauty is truly legendary.

Moon Ga Young in “True Beauty” | tvN
ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | Fantagio

When the show aired, Ga Young and Eunwoo instantly gained attention for their unreal chemistry. Even in 2023, there are always rumors that the two are dating IRL.



Well, the iconic duo has reunited in 2023 for a new commercial!

On October 30, netizens were shocked when Hanhwa Life Insurance shared new commercials featuring Eunwoo and Ga Young. Eunwoo’s POV commercial had a romantic aura to it as it was set on the beach and combined with camera techniques.

| @hanwhalife_official/Instagram
| @hanwhalife_official/Instagram   

Moon Ga Young’s commercial had a more nostalgic and somber feeling compared to the romance of Eunwoo’s focus.

| @hanwhalife_official/Instagram
| @hanwhalife_official/Instagram 

Even the photos of the two together brought back memories for fans.

| @hanwhalife_official/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough to send the internet into meltdown, Moon Ga Young treated fans to some behind-the-scenes photos. In particular, the two photos really seemed like “couple photos,” giving romantic vibes on the beach.

Of course, when the photos were posted, the internet went crazy as the True Beauty reunion came back to life in 2023.

After the reunion, netizens are hoping for more interactions between the duo… because it feels like forever since the K-Drama first aired.

Source: hanwhalife_official