“True Beauty” Star Moon Ga Young Picks Her Favorite Love Interest

“The wisest thing to do is to pick the person who’s…”

Currently playing outcast-turned-charmer Im Ju Kyung in love triangle K-Drama True Beauty, Moon Ga Young is one of the most popular young actresses of the moment. In a new interview, the 24-year-old star revealed which of her love interests takes her fancy the most.

Moon Ga Young sat down with ELLE Korea on YouTube to answer some burning questions, including something numerous drama fans have been wondering about: out of all her love interests, which would she choose for herself?

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The question gave Moon Ga Young four love interests to choose from, including the two from her True Beauty love triangle: Lee Su Ho (played by ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo) and Han Seo Jun (played by Hwang In Yeop).

In True Beauty, Lee Su Ho is one of Im Ju Kyung’s dashing classmates with good grades, good looks, and good money. However, he hates being the center of attention and harbors a dark secret from his past.

Han Seo Jun, meanwhile, is an equally-popular student who boasts a tough “bad guy” image that hides his lovely and sweet exterior. Han Seo Jun and Lee Su Ho were best friends in the past, but have since become hostile towards each other.

Choosing between these two hotties would be hard enough, but Moon Ga Young’s question also included two of her past K-Drama love interests.

One was Lee Jung Hoon, who was played by Kim Dong Wook in the 2020 drama Find Me in Your Memory. Lee Jung Hoon was an anchorman with an impeccable memory and a penchant for exposing his guests’ wrongdoings. Moon Ga Young, meanwhile, played actress, influencer, and former model Yeo Ha Jin.

Finally, the last option was Cha Woo Sik from 2019 drama Welcome to Waikiki 2. Played by Kim Seon Ho, Cha Woo Sik had lofty ambitions to become a musician.


Any fan who’s kept up with all of Moon Ga Young’s dramas knows how tough the competition between Su Ho, Seo Jun, Jung Hoon, and Woo Sik would be. That said, the actress came up with an answer almost immediately.

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Her pick was Cha Woo Sik! However, as handsome and charming as he was in Welcome to Waikiki, Moon Ga Young had a different reason for choosing Kim Seon Ho’s character.

According to the actress, Kim Seon Ho gets upset the most easily, so she chose his character in order to maintain a good relationship with him.

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The wisest thing to do is to pick the person who’s the easiest in getting upset, so that I can maintain good relationships… Kim Seon Ho gets upset easily, so yes, Woo Sik, I’ll pick you.

— Moon Ga Young

Sorry, True Beauty fans—seems like the jury’s still out on whether Moon Ga Young prefers Cha Eunwoo’s Lee Su Ho or Hwang In Yeop’s Han Seo Jun. However, she did add that she’s become close with all her cast members while filming the drama.

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