“True Beauty” Webtoon Author Responds To Rumors Of Getting Cosmetic Surgery Done To Her Hips

Her hourglass figure has become a hot topic.

The author of the famous webtoon, “True Beauty”, was accused of getting cosmetic surgery done to her hips to achieve an hourglass shaped figure.

Kim Na Young, the author, is famous for looking exactly like the main character of her hit webtoon.

She recently updated her Instagram with a video of herself wearing low-rise jeans and a crop top. Her slim and fit figure quickly became a hot topic among netizens.

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However, some malicious haters began to spread rumors that she got cosmetic surgery done to her hips.

She personally took to Instagram to shut down the rumors. She even went far as to show her x-ray from a recent visit to the doctors to prove that her hips were 100% her bones.

She captioned, “Hip surgery rumors are ridiculous.. It’s my bones.. I had this x-ray done because of my herniated disc“.

With such fame and glamor, Kim Na Young continually faces haters who can’t deal with her living her best life. Hopefully, her haters will finally put down their pitchforks and leave this goddess alone!

Meanwhile, her “True Beauty” continues to reign as the top Tuesday webtoon on Naver’s platform. The story has been picked up for a drama remake as many fans continue to suggest celebrities who’d be perfect for the main roles!