“True Beauty” Author Yaongyi Is Hit With Tax Evasion Allegations

The allegations stem from a TV news report.

Webtoon author Yaongyi has been alleged to have not paid her taxes.

Yaongyi | @meow91__/Instagram

On February 9, Yonhap News TV reported that a popular webtoon author had been investigated for not paying her taxes.

Popular webtoon author “A” had used her company’s money to purchase a supercar and other personal expenses while evading taxes.

— Yonhap News

The news report also revealed that “A” had been investigated for evading taxes by working while not issuing a tax invoice.

Yonhap News TV report | Yonhap News TV

Yonhap News TV did not name the webtoon author, but the picture that the news outlet used appears to be one that was uploaded onto Yaongyi’s Instagram.

Yaongyi | wikitree

Yaongyi has since taken down the photo, but that has not stopped netizens from asking if she was the webtoon author in question.

  • “Please pay your taxes. According to articles, you have been purchasing everything under your company’s name. You didn’t fool me with your boasting. That’s why we need a green license plate (for company vehicles).”
  • “Did you evade taxes? I saw it on the news.”
  • “The tax-evading webtoon author is Yaongyi. I think you should explain yourself.”
  • “You didn’t evade taxes, right? I’m asking because I am worried.”
  • “I thought you bought everything with your money, but it was bought with unpaid tax money. How much do they need to dislike you for the news to make it so obvious they were talking about you?”
  • “Never-ending wedding photos, never-ending truth behind you evading taxes.”
  • “You acted so high and mighty, but the result is tax evasion.”

Yaongyi is a popular webtoon author who rose to stardom after her webtoon, True Beauty, was made into a drama.


Source: wikitree