Here’s The True Meaning Of “On The Ground” From BLACKPINK’s Rosé Herself

She wants her listeners to keep this in mind.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently made her long-awaited debut with the song “On The Ground.” In an interview film posted on her newly launched YouTube channel, she gave an in-depth explanation behind the lyrics of the song, which she personally wrote.

According to Rosé, “On The Ground” is about a girl who works hard to reach the top, only to realize once she’s there that what she really needed was on the ground.

The lyrics of this song are about a girl who works so hard to chase her dreams so that she can reach the top and tell the world there’s no coming down. But once she reaches the top, she realizes that all she needed was on the ground.

— Rosé

The lyrics stem from the observation that it is only naturally for people to want to fulfill their dreams and reach success.

Everyone wants to reach higher. Everyone wants to be more successful. We all have dreams within ourselves, right?

— Rosé

She wants her listeners to remember, however, that what they’re chasing after may not even be at the top.

The message I want to convey to the audience listening to this song is that maybe what we’re chasing after isn’t necessarily up there at the top.

— Rosé

Ending her explanation, Rosé suggested that the most important things in life are what they already have. “Maybe what we truly need is already in our hands, right here on the ground.

“On The Ground” is a meaningful song that many people can surely relate to. Clearly, Rosé outdid herself this time!

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