This May Be The Reason Why Ariana Grande Unfollowed Red Velvet’s Yeri On Instagram

There is more to the story than what meets the I-nstagram.

Fans have recently discovered that singer Ariana Grande no longer follows Red Velvet‘s Yeri on Instagram.

Yeri has long been a fan of the singer, and in 2019, Ariana Grande thrilled K-Pop fans when she followed Yeri.

The singer recently organized her following list and unfollowed around 100 accounts. Red Velvet’s Yeri was among those unfollowed.

The reason for the singer unfollowing Yeri may possibly be because Yeri actually unfollowed Ariana Grande first.

Yeri had previously unfollowed all of the accounts she had once followed. Currently, the singer is following 0 accounts.

Over the years, Yeri has been very vocal about being a fan of Ariana Grande. The singer spoke about her admiration for the stateside superstar as recently as August in 2021.

Yeri first debuted with Red Velvet in 2014. The group recently released their sixth studio album Bloom this past April. Check out the music video to their single “Feel My Rhythm.”

Source: Wikitree