Trump calls out Korean media for causing chaos in the Oval Office

President Trump and President Moon met in the Oval Office to discuss strategies regarding the North Korea regime.

The large group of Korean journalists who accompanied President Moon filed into the Oval Office but caused chaos.

Image Source: New York Post

Some reporters ran into the Oval Office to set up in a good spot, while others jostled each other for the best seats.

Image Source: New York Post

As a result, a sofa was moved, a table was knocked over, and a lamp was almost knocked off, resulting in Trump calling out the journalists.

“Fellas, easy. You guys are getting worse. They knocked a table down. It’s actually a very friendly press, don’t let that get you. Although we just lost the table.”

— President Donald Trump

After the chaos died down, the two Presidents continued to share their goals and visions in handling North Korea’s expanding nuclear and missile programs.

Image Source: Huffington Post

Source: New York Post and Washington Examiner

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